"To be at the heart of your life!"

We constantly aspire to create a positive impact at every stage of people’s lives. By that, we mean all people connected to Ravago: employees, customers, suppliers, partners, communities, and society.

Many products in our daily surroundings that improve our quality of life are made possible thanks to the materials and services that Ravago provides. This means everything you touch (car, toothbrush, diapers, paint, sports shoes, insulation materials for your house, etc.), Ravago has already touched the materials of. We are truly at the heart of every aspect of your life.

Ravago will invest in, and develop, businesses with a noticeable presence and a positive impact on as many people as possible. We want to improve everyone’s lives with our materials, from diapers to hospital medical equipment. By going digital to make our customers’ lives easier, we have created a flexible, responsible, and connected workplace for employees. We also endeavor to minimize the environmental impact of our materials. We are engaged in the communities we are active in.

A trusted partner

We are the partner of choice because of our long-term vision and loyal relationships, as well as our global reach, industry knowledge, and our recognition of each partner in the value chain.

Ravago - To be at the heart of your life!


"Committed to our partners to create and deliver the most indispensable materials and services."

We are committed to our partners. In each role in the company, we put our partners first. We believe they are essential to what we do. Suppliers and customers are our partners, and so are all organizations with whom we collaborate to achieve our mission and vision.

We create and deliver. We are a one-stop shop for our partner’s needs. The markets that we provide are polymers, chemicals, and building materials. With our three activities within our core market, we handle distribution, resale, and manufacturing, with long-term expertise in recycling. We offer state-of-the-art distribution, resale, and manufacturing infrastructure through an efficient supply chain, technical expertise, and business services.

The most indispensable materials and services. We are a one-stop shop for our partner’s needs for our polymers, chemicals, and building materials. Via our manufacturing, distribution, and resale activities with the support of business services and digital and supply chain solutions, we offer a diversified and wide range of solutions and partnerships. Thanks to our materials and services, the final products produced are essential and indispensable in people’s lives.


The values that define us

During its evolution, Ravago has always emphasized its values: human focus, professionalism, entrepreneurship, and humility.

These are not just buzzwords but the company’s core principles that define who we are, what we stand for, and how we want to be perceived. For us, staying loyal to who we are is crucial. Not only because this was Raf Van Gorp’s vision for the company but because it has proven to be the foundation of Ravago’s success and because it will define our future.

Ravago - Human Focus


Our human focus involves a respectful and thoughtful approach toward people internally and externally. Every employee contributes to creating a trusted, safe, and collaborative environment that incorporates ethical behavior, caring for each other’s well-being, and respect for all aspects of diversity. The personal approach toward employees and other stakeholders enables the long-term relationships on which the company is built.

Ravago professionalism


Through our professional values, we combine sharp and entrepreneurial decision-making by not compromising our structure and professional attitude towards colleagues and essential stakeholders. Professionalism implies holding yourself accountable for your actions, words, and thoughts, and never jeopardizing your moral compass. This value is one of the foundations for long-term partnerships.

Ravago - Entrepeneurship


Our entrepreneurial value is based on the opportunity for each employee to create value for the company. Employees should be able to take the initiative and go beyond their assigned scope to improve their professional environment and feel empowered to do so. For entrepreneurship to work, failures should be viewed as learning opportunities in the professional scope. We only fail if we don’t try.

Ravago - Humility


Humility is based on two interconnected principles: external discretion and internal pride. Ravago’s below-the-radar strategy is not only a personal choice of our founding family but also a strategic decision. This value recognizes internal successes and initiatives and encourages an environment where our people can thrive. Ravago’s business is based on long-term partnerships, which means everyone should welcome others’ opinions and perspectives, where successes are celebrated together.


Ravago has taken multiple actions to verify the absence of forced labor,
slavery and human trafficking within its group and supply chain.

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