Sustainably at the heart of your life

Our sustainability pledge - our belief.

Sustainability has always been a large part of who we are. Ravago has been committed to various aspects of sustainability since the company was founded in 1961. Today, the word sustainability has become a different story, sometimes misunderstood and misused. 

We want to take a stance on sustainability by sharing our interpretation, what it means to us and how we aim to make a difference on a global scale. Like our core values – human focus, professionalism, entrepreneurship and humility – sustainability is at the heart of our company by our 60+ years of recycling expertise. We've always strived to reach a balance between people, the environment and business.

In other words, we are making a pledge to our employees, customers, suppliers, and everyone who is a part of our company’s ecosystem. A materiality assessment enabled us to define our view on sustainability in 3 pillars: Sustainable Solutions, Responsible Operations, and Empowered People. Together, we will make an impact through these 3 sustainability pillars.


Our sustainability pillars

"We want to give back to the world what it has given to us."
- the Ravago family

Sustainable Solutions 

Enhancing the lifecycle of our products

Giving waste a second life, that is how it all started for Ravago. When our founder Raf Van Gorp saw the potential of discarded products, he pioneered in recycling. 

As a leading polymer recycler, we continue to push the boundaries in recycling technologies and applications, and effectively help our customers with their sustainability efforts by offering other sustainable solutions.

As a result, we provide sustainable product portfolios while delivering to the chemicals and life ingredients, building materials and polymers markets.

Responsible Operations

Operating ethically while minimizing our environmental impact

In a world where natural disasters and animal extinctions are all too common, we need to do our part by minimizing our footprint on our planet. 

Firstly, we set ambitious decarbonization targets and we measure our carbon footprint progress.
By continuing to improve our energy efficiency, using renewable energy, and optimizing our distribution network. 

Furthermore, we focus on sustainable logistics. We commit to Operation Clean Sweep to limit the loss of microplastics in the environment. 

Lastly, we strive for a safe, collaborative environment that incorporates ethical behavior, caring for each other’s wellbeing, and respect for all aspects of diversity. 


Empowered People

Engaging and strengthening our people and communities

At the core of ‘To be at the heart of your life’ is also the belief that working at Ravago should be more than just a job, but learning and growing across generations, with a contribution to a broader community.

For our people, we involve and strengthen our people by investing in continuous engagement, diversity & inclusion, as well as development efforts.

For our community, giving back with a tangible and long-term impact has always been embedded in Ravago’s DNA. We organize and support philanthropic initiatives in the communities where we are present with the intention to encourage employees to participate.