Our markets

Ravago focuses on three markets: polymers, chemicals & life ingredients, and building materials. In these markets, we aim to contribute to materials that genuinely improve our quality of life. Ravago develops strategic partnerships with leading brands in these markets to better service our customers, offering a broad portfolio.


Polymers touch every part of our lives from the moment we wake up until we switch the lights off in the evening. Polymers are key in improving quality of life, from the toothbrush you use to the laptop you work on, the products to keep you healthy, and products that keep you safe. They provide a broad range of valuable properties and often have an established recycling chain enabling circularity. Plastics are a critical way to move towards a sustainable economy, from reducing food waste by extending its shelf life, to reducing the weight of packaging, to minimizing energy consumption through the supply chain.

Ravago’s customer base in the plastics field ranges from film and injection molders to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in industries such as automotive, mobility, consumer goods, building & construction, healthcare, and E&E (Electrical and Electronics). We supply a wide range of high-quality products and services globally, thanks to strong partnerships with the best petrochemical producers in the world.

We understand that the commercialization of different products has significantly different demands. Ravago combines its ability to handle large volumes with the in-house technical expertise necessary for developing new and demanding product applications.


Chemicals & Life Ingredients

Chemicals and Life Ingredients are an integral part of our daily lives. Although not as visible, they play a vital role in the existence of products that contribute to comfortable living and well-being. Think about the preservation and flavor of our food, the wonderful scents in our surroundings, and the colorful paints on our walls. In addition, most of the changes we observe in the world around us are also caused by chemical reactions, such as changing leaves and tree growth.

At Ravago, we provide additives and develop solutions that are tailored precisely to the interests of our customers and partners. We cover various segments to touch every aspect of our daily lives. We represent leading global firms as intermediaries and technical experts between raw material producers and manufacturers.

We have privileged access to new ingredients, which means we constantly expand our portfolio while respecting the strictest quality controls to safeguard our health and safety.



Building materials

The need for energy-efficient buildings is rapidly rising to mitigate the volatility in utility markets and lower the ecological footprint of the construction sector. Ravago makes energy-efficient living possible by offering solutions to the building market on roofs, walls, and floors. In addition, we offer tailored insulation solutions for industrial applications. This way, we literally surround you with our solutions and are an essential part of your life.

Our building materials portfolio includes thermal and sound insulation products, waterproofing, dry construction, construction chemicals, geosynthetics, façade systems, ETICS, foils, and bags.

We continue to invest in a local manufacturing and commercial network, leveraging Ravago’s global scale supply chain to offer our customers the best possible service, infrastructure, and tailor-made support.