Operation Clean Sweep®

Preventing pellet loss into the environment

The plastics industry is committed to providing solutions to prevent marine litter. Pellet spills can occur at all stages along the plastics value chain, including production, handling, transportation, conversion and recycling.

Ravago Operation Clean Sweep® policy

Ravago as a group is committed to Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), a program designed to prevent plastic pellet, flake, and powder loss into the environment. This program aligns with Ravago’s Sustainability Pillar, Responsible Operations, to create a world where plastic polymers are responsibly handled while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our manufacturing and logistics facilities around the world are engaged in this important initiative and each facility will need to complete a gap assessment to identify the risks in order to eliminate plastic loss. While we are incorporating OCS practices across our manufacturing sites and logistic facilities, we are also extending this program to the entire value chain.

To comply with the OCS requirements, we do the following:

Identifying and removing potential sources of plastic loss (pellet, flake, and powder).
Implementing technical improvements such as installation of pellet, film, or powder retainers and maintaining good manufacturing practices.
Educating employees and our business partners on the awareness and accountability for plastic loss prevention, containment and clean-up.
Monitoring our progress through tangible objectives and housekeeping tours.
Engaging our valued business partners to participate in the initiative.

Through these initiatives, we intend to achieve our ultimate goal of Zero Pellet, Flake and Powder Loss.