Ravago's journey

Raf Van Gorp founded Ravago in 1961 when he had the opportunity to buy the premises of a dynamite company in Arendonk, Belgium. This enabled him to work out the luminous idea he had: recycling production waste from the plastics producing petrochemical companies. From there, Ravago grew into a comprehensive service provider to the petrochemical industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of plastics applications and bringing the (re)use of plastics to a next level, with sustainability continuously on our mind. Over the years, the ambition of global expansion and market leadership in polymer and chemical distribution, recycling and compounding, and building materials, became a reality.

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Facts & Figures

Today, the Ravago group represents over 5,600,000 metric tons of annual polymer sales serving more than 49,000 active customers through 285 locations across more than 55 countries worldwide. Ravago’s production competence consists of 45 manufacturing facilities of which 23 recycling and compounding plants in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa with a combined annual capacity of over 1,000,000 metric tons; 19 production plants in Europe that are offering finished product solutions for the building sector and 7 plants and 6 application laboratories for our Chemicals business. This all would not have been possible without the help of its 7,000 employees.



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The values that define us

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During its evolution, Ravago has always put relentless emphasis on its values:
human focus,
and humility.

These are not just buzzwords, but the company’s core principles that define who we are, what we stand for, and how we want to be perceived. For us, staying loyal to who we are is crucial. Not only because this was Raf Van Gorp’s vision for the company, but because it has proven to be the foundation of Ravago’s success, and because it will define our future.

Ravago has taken multiple actions to verify the absence of forced labor, slavery and human trafficking within its group and supply chain.
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Sustainability is the name of our game

Plastics contribute directly or indirectly to a more sustainable world. Plastics allow for lightweight transportation, thus reducing transportation costs while preventing emissions of millions of tons of CO2 greenhouse gas. Plastic packaging protects a wide variety of goods from being damaged and extends the shelf life of food by retarding spoilage, with this becoming more and more important given the increasing number of mouths to feed around the globe. At the same time, plastics production processes are highly efficient, reducing the amount of production waste and resource consumption to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, plastics enable the production of renewable energy. They are for instance used as components in solar panels and wind turbine blades.

As an internationally active company, we are fully aware of our responsibilities and we will, as we have always done, actively contribute to increased recycling rates by continuously increasing our capacity and investing in emerging recycling technologies.

Quality & Safety

Quality is a topic that is often taken for granted, but at Ravago, nothing goes unchallenged. Quality has a high priority which is well embedded in our company culture. To us, long-term solid relationships with our customers and industrial partners provide the best measure for quality. Supported by ISO certifications, Ravago constantly tries to raise the bar on the quality level by implementing corrective and preventive actions where needed while stringent controls carried out. As part of our quality focus, we have developed our Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2008 standards and have implemented it at the majority of sales offices, warehouses and production plants. This ensures that our approach toward quality is comprehensive and systematic which enables continuous quality improvement.


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