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At the core of ‘To be at the heart of your life’ is also the belief that working at Ravago should be more than just a job. We strive to create a work environment where our people can grow, learn, and feel good. In a way that makes the valuable time they spend with and for us matter. For themselves, for the health and further growth of our company, and with a clear contribution to a broader community.

In that sense, we strive to see work as a part of life and to allow work to evolve through different stages of life. Some examples:

As a global company with a solid and vast presence locally, we offer roles in various career tracks, regions, countries, and environments ranging from commercial roles and product specialists to production roles and expert roles in supply chain, finance, and IT.

We can tell stories from colleagues who have been with us for 30+ years and who have grown with the company. They have advanced along with the different evolutions the company has advanced through. We believe in job generation.

We know we have a significant portion of our workforce who choose to stay and grow with us as they appreciate the stability of our company and employment in a local office close to home while being part of a global group. They like the best of both worlds.

An increasing portion of younger colleagues are joining us everywhere with the aspiration to stay connected to their home and country while working internationally or even regionally.

We aspire to leave room to adapt the speed and intensity of work to stages of life and have embraced flexibility as a core part of our engagement with our people.

Our production sites, core contributors to the production and recycling of our products, are important hubs of local employment where expertise is built and shared, and safety is vital.


There is a powerful common denominator between all Ravago roles: our culture. In the true sense of the word, Ravago is a family company. Over the past 60+ years, the family has grown from a local Belgian team into the global company we are today. But it's the roots, our people, that ensure that the tree that symbolizes our company stays alive and continues to grow.

Our culture is reinforced by our core values, which inspire our choices and actions. They define what work looks like and how we find that our people identify so strongly with Ravago in every country, region, and in all types of jobs.


If you aspire to work with others at work and in life, let us know.
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