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With the aspiration of being the best service provider to the industry, Ravago offers the deepest level of service to both customers and suppliers. In the context of our primary activities (distribution, resale and manufacturing) integrated logistics services are indispensable for commercial success. Our logistics operations have historically grown out of complimentary business needs. Over time, this has resulted in expanding relationships with international freight carriers, for maritime, over-the-road and railcar business. Today, Ravago is heavily invested in a number of warehouses, located in strategic regions across the globe. The Ravago logistics operations gracefully handle the routine – such as bulk handling and packaging operations, to the more sophisticated such as blending and pulverizing of resin. Ravago’s logistics centers operate with a lean philosophy, which allows Ravago to achieve its goal of having the lowest cost to serve its customers.

Ravago Resale is amongst the top global exporters of polymers. Therefore Ravago Logistics manages the export infrastructure in several international trading hubs, such as the ports of Houston, Antwerp, Singapore and Hong Kong. Hand in hand with our global trading reach, Ravago Distribution embodies a different mindset and thus requires a different set up: boxes, gaylords and less than truckload quantities are commercialized with the same level of flexibility and professionalism by our logistics teams across the globe.

As Ravago continues to grow in the future, Ravago will continue to emphasize logistics support as a key ingredient to its success. As we benchmark our competitiveness in the marketplace, we will adjust as needed and be able to provide the best possible service to all of our stakeholders.