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Ravago Chemicals is the go-to partner for the chemical industry and delivers essential chemical materials and specialty additives to its customers. We have a global network of supplier partners that offer leading and innovative products in all regions. But we are far more than a distributor; with our own production and lab facilities and in-house expertise, and our focus on safety and reliability, we are able to develop customer-specific formulations and solutions.

Our technically trained sales force has long-term experience, and with our comprehensive product portfolio and excellent supplier relations we strive to be a solution provider for the technical issues you may encounter. We provide tailor-made services such as mixing, blending, repacking and specialized local storage. Ravago Chemicals offers a comprehensive product portfolio of basic raw materials and specialties for a wide range of applications, such as paints, construction, adhesives, textile, care chemicals (home care, industrial cleaning, personal care), polymers, water treatment and life sciences (food, feed, pharma).


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