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Resale is Ravago’s global commercial platform that uses market intelligence as a tool to respond to the fast-moving dynamics of both global and local markets. Through our network of international offices in the Americas, EMEA and Asia, Ravago Resale provides added value to suppliers and customers worldwide.

Our broad product portfolio includes plastics, natural and synthetic rubbers and chemicals. More specifically, Ravago Resale offers generic and branded prime, off-grade and recycled plastic resins and rubber products. The main focus is on all types of volumedriven markets, such as film, large part molding, durables and raffia.

Ravago Resale provides a superior logistic service with a variety of bulk, debagging, blending and repacking facilities in different regions. The skills and market  knowledge of the Ravago Resale team, combined with its focus on long-term relationships, make the resale business truly unique in the industry.