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The chemical operations have grown historically from a minor activity in the beginning to a stand-alone business unit that has received increased attention within the Ravago group over the years. Today we are active in the European chemical sector through a number of joint ventures with well-established partners, while the group continues to expand its core business model of being a sustainable service provider to the petrochemical industry in related industries. The mentioned service can be described as twofold: on the supplier side Ravago offers a pan-European distribution organization, while on the customer side Ravago brings product expertise, logistic services, and commercial professionalism to the table.

Like with other product families, Ravago is also committed to grow future opportunities in the chemical field by expanding towards new geographies (such as MEAF, Turkey, Russia and the Caucasus region), and towards new product portfolios, (such as adhesives & additives, coating & construction chemicals, and detergents & cleaners). Ravago’s growth philosophy will always be one of adding value to the core business of the group as a whole.