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Ravago Manufacturing’s activities have always been a core competence for the Group. Recycling & Compounding is our largest activity. Compounding can be defined as enhancement of polymer properties by addition of extra ingredients, such as glass fiber, talc, stabilizers, colors and other additives, during the extrusion process. We provide a sustainable service to the entire industry by collecting, sorting and recycling polymer waste streams at our manufacturing plants.

Today, Ravago has 30 factories in North America, Asia, Europe and Turkey, with a total recycling and compounding capacity of over 1,000,000 metric tons. Ravago Group is one of the biggest EPS producers in Europe, with a production capacity of over 280 kt on an annual basis. With production plants in Germany, Greece and Turkey, Ravago Group has taken an influential position in the European, Middle Eastern and African EPS markets.

Our tolling activity is an integral part of the same philosophy of providing service to external partners. Finally, micronization or pulverization consists of reducing the particle size to a certain diameter so the resin can be used for certain finished product applications that require customized feedstocks (e.g. rotomolding). With a large capacity in terms of process technology, our toll compounding services allow you to take advantage of Ravago’s Manufacturing engineering and experience with custom thermoplastics to handle material production and logistics for you.

Ravago’s own compounds portfolio covers a wide range of engineering plastics, commodity resins, elastomers and synthetic rubbers. All of our products carry their own brand names, formulations and specified applications: serving a variety of industries, Ravago’s compounds are eventually converted into car parts, electronics, construction materials and other high-quality products.


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